Being thankful for those helping the Less Adoptable, More Lovable

I’m thankful for the Dr. Jane Foundation, we thank you for caring enough to make a difference.

DrJaneDog Thankful

Dr. Jane’s Foundation, is an organization absolutely committed to supporting a variety of animal rescue groups, all of which are dedicated to helping to rescue neglected and unwanted animals.


There are several segments of the companion animal population that are considered ‘less adoptable’. Due to breed, age or traits, these unfortunate animals can take up to four times longer to be chosen than their ‘more desirable’ counterparts. In this post, you will learn more about what makes a pet less adoptable and be given an opportunity to share your positive experiences with these so-called “less adoptable pets”. Join the conversation and make a difference now …

Every time you purchase a Life’s Abundance product, a portion of the profits are contributed to a fund that supports the operations of this organization. Thank you so much for your continued business! Together, we’re making a positive difference in the world, one animal at a time.

We’ve given awards to numerous worthy rescue groups, some of which are listed below. If you belong to a rescue in need of financial assistance, we encourage you to download this MS Word application form  and submit to our Board of Directors for consideration.

2014 Holiday Gift Baskets for Pets

Our holiday gift baskets are great for …

  • Encouraging something new, with a sampling of different kinds of products
  • Raffle prizes, gifts or donations for holiday events & parties
  • Rewarding your best

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From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Holiday Gift Baskets for Dogs
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  • The ultimate doggie stocking stuffer
  • Chock full of tasty, health-promoting treats
  • Plush squeaky toy for hours of play
  • Retail value $32.00!
holiday dog basket 400 2014 Holiday Gift Baskets for Pets

Holiday Gift Baskets for Dogs


Dogs will go nuts when they see and smell the delights in this year’s holiday gift baskets. In addition to an assortment of baked treats, a 4-oz. bag of Tasty Rewards and a plush, squeaky toy, we’ve added cans of our Turkey & Shrimp Breakfast and Chicken & Crab Dinner. Everything is neatly bundled in a decorative, keepsake tray.* Shop now!





Holiday Gift Baskets for Cats
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  • The ultimate kitty stocking stuffer
  • Features health-promoting treats & supplements
  • Super fun toys & irresistible catnip
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holiday cat basket 400 2014 Holiday Gift Baskets for Pets

Holiday Gift Baskets for Cats





Cats tend to crave more independence than their canine buddies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need affection, too! With an assortment of toys, Natural Cat Treats for Healthy Skin & Coat, a can of Instinctive Choice and a bottle of our Wellness Food Supplements, these baskets are a wonderful way to show just how much you care. All of these goodies are packed in a festive, keepsake tray.* Shop now!

Bonus Stocking Stuffer – Stainless Steel Bar
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  • Special steel alloy neutralizes odors
  • Contoured knobs for relaxing pet massage
  • Eco-friendly alternative to harsh soaps
  • Removes stubborn smells like onion & garlic
steel bar 400 2014 Holiday Gift Baskets for Pets

Stainless Steel Odor Remover


One of the interesting properties of stainless steel is its ability to bind to pungent odors. We’ve taken this unique science a step further by adding contoured nubs. Now, you can provide your pet kid with a relaxing massage that also instantly neutralizes stubborn stinkiness. You can even use it to remove the lingering scents of onion, garlic and fish from your own hands, too. (When you add this item to an Autoship order, it’s treated as a one-time purchase and will be automatically deleted from future shipments.) Shop now!


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From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Monroe County Animal League

Monroe County Animal League Grant Award

foundationlogo Monroe County Animal League

Dr Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation for Healthy Pets


We’re happy to share the latest heart-warming, feel-good news from our non-profit foundation. This month’s featured award was presented to Monroe County Animal League located in West Virginia. This small but dedicated group is staffed solely by volunteers. Together, they work to alleviate suffering and find forever homes for less fortunate animals. Want to feel good? Read this post now …

Pet Dangers

Common Pet Dangers by Dr. Jane

VetShepherd Pet Dangers

Common Pet Dangers

Keeping your companion animal out of harm’s way isn’t always easy or obvious for that matter. There may be dangers lurking in your home right now. But there’s no need to worry because our good doctor is here to help. In this post, Dr. Jane reveals a list of common pet perils and provides some steps you can take if you think your pet has been poisoned.

Protect your pet kids and read the latest Dr. Jane post now …



New Website

Meet Your New Website!

New Site Capture 1024x483 New Website

The new Life’s Abundance website is live!

The primary goal was to create a user-friendly site that is easier for you and your customers to find information and order products. Here are just a few of the many highlights …

Improved Navigation – Well-organized content that’s easy to find.
Fresh, New Look – Created to appeal to a wider audience, the clean, modern design presents a more professional look which will help you attract even more recruits.
New Branding – The new logo, bag and label designs are featured on the site.
Mobile-Friendly – The website is responsive, so it looks and functions great when browsing from a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
Enhanced Images – Product photos are not only larger and consistent with our new branding, you’ll also find several “beauty shots”.
Updated Comparisons – Sealogix Fish Oil, All Life Stage Dog and Cat Food comparisons have been updated with current market pricing (as of September 2014).
User-friendly Shopping – Our improved shopping cart makes checkout a breeze.

And this is just the beginning! Even more web upgrades are planned for the very near future.

Pawing Behavior

How to Stop Pawing Behavior Video by Dr. Sarah

Why do dogs paw, and more importantly, how can you get them to stop? In the latest episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah reviews possible rationales behind your dog’s pawing behavior, as well as tips on how to cease and desist this irksome behavior. Watch this short but instructive video now to help your dog learn proper paw manners. And don’t forget to share this webisode with other pet parents!

If you have a canine living in your home, it’s very likely that you’ve experienced an excited dogs pawing  behavior to get your attention. Dogs use their pawing behavior to communicate, but their claws can cause severe skin injuries and, depending on the size of the dog, this pawing behavior can even knock you off balance. In this episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah explains why dogs paw and how to teach them proper paw manners. Check out this useful video now …

Buffalo Bully Sticks

Buffalo Bully Sticks – No Limit on Satisfaction 

Since introducing our all-natural Buffalo Bully Sticks in February, we’ve been bowled over by their popularity. There’s no two ways about it … dogs crave our buffalo bully sticks!

As one of the few companies marketing free-range, grass-fed buffalo treats including our Buffalo Bully Sticks, we’re super excited to let you know that you order these products with no order maximums.

That’s right … now, dogs can chew to their heart’s content, with no limits!

These all-natural products are more than just a healthy alternative to inferior rawhide products. They’re leaner than beef and contain no additives or preservatives. Plus, they actually help reduce tartar and maintain dental health.

Available in both 6” and 9” packs

Bully 180 Buffalo Bully Sticks

Buffalo Bully Sticks


9” Buffalo Bully Sticks: $15.63 Retail Price, only $13.59 on Autoship.

6” Buffalo Bully Sticks: $14.36 Retail Price, only $12.49 on Autoship.

Also be sure to order our competitively priced Buffalo Meat Strips and Buffalo Lung Fillets!


Greyhound Pet Adoption NW

Foundation Award to Greyhound Pet Adoption NW

Check out the latest news from our non-profit foundation. This month’s featured award was presented to Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest, an Oregon-based organization whose mission is to save the lives of greyhounds who have retired from racing. Our grant helped this decades-old rescue group with much needed repairs to their care facility. In this post, you’ll learn all the details about this superb organization and how our financial award helped these graceful creatures. Read the good news now …


foundationlogo Greyhound Pet Adoption NW

Dr Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation for Healthy Pets

Swimming Safety

Swimming Safety Video by Dr. Sarah

The term ‘doggy paddle’ wasn’t coined because dogs like to stay on the shore. Just because some canines have an instinctive grasp of how to swim doesn’t mean that they always know swimming safety. In the latest episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah reveals how you and your dog can enjoy swimming safety time in the pool, at the local watering hole or at the beach. Our staff veterinarian points out commonly overlooked safeguards and simple strategies to protect your canine during splish-splash playtime. Watch this fun and informative video now … 

Take the plunge and share this fun, informative swimming safety video with fellow pet parents!

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease – An Emerging Problem by Dr. Jane

The call of the Great Outdoors … it’s hard to resist in the summer months, especially for dogs craving a bit of adventure. However, this year, many pet parents are concerned about the prevalence of Lyme disease, as well as its symptoms like joint pain. How can you protect your canine from this Lyme disease that’s on the rise in the U.S.? Our pet product formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks, brings you all the details about the recent outbreak of Lyme disease, including steps you can take to keep your pet kids safe this summer. Read the latest from Dr. Jane now …