Greyhound Pet Adoption NW

Foundation Award to Greyhound Pet Adoption NW

Check out the latest news from our non-profit foundation. This month’s featured award was presented to Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest, an Oregon-based organization whose mission is to save the lives of greyhounds who have retired from racing. Our grant helped this decades-old rescue group with much needed repairs to their care facility. In this post, you’ll learn all the details about this superb organization and how our financial award helped these graceful creatures. Read the good news now …


foundationlogo Greyhound Pet Adoption NW

Dr Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation for Healthy Pets

Swimming Safety

Swimming Safety Video by Dr. Sarah

The term ‘doggy paddle’ wasn’t coined because dogs like to stay on the shore. Just because some canines have an instinctive grasp of how to swim doesn’t mean that they always know swimming safety. In the latest episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah reveals how you and your dog can enjoy swimming safety time in the pool, at the local watering hole or at the beach. Our staff veterinarian points out commonly overlooked safeguards and simple strategies to protect your canine during splish-splash playtime. Watch this fun and informative video now … 

Take the plunge and share this fun, informative swimming safety video with fellow pet parents!

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease – An Emerging Problem by Dr. Jane

The call of the Great Outdoors … it’s hard to resist in the summer months, especially for dogs craving a bit of adventure. However, this year, many pet parents are concerned about the prevalence of Lyme disease, as well as its symptoms like joint pain. How can you protect your canine from this Lyme disease that’s on the rise in the U.S.? Our pet product formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks, brings you all the details about the recent outbreak of Lyme disease, including steps you can take to keep your pet kids safe this summer. Read the latest from Dr. Jane now … 

Competitive Pet Product Prices

Competitive Pet Product Prices

We work very hard to keep our competitive pet product prices, given the quality of the products we bring to market. In the last six months, we have sustained several cost increases in the production of our dry and canned foods. This is due primarily to the escalating costs of some ingredients, as well as the costs of complying with the new Food Safety Modernization Act.

In order to maintain the quality of our foods, a small price increase has become unavoidable. As a result, on June 26th, our dry and canned food prices marginally increased (amounts vary by product). The increases are modest compared to the double-digit price hikes of many competing foods since last year.

Thank you so much for your continued business and support. You have our best wishes for continued success throughout 2014 and well into the future!

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True Blue Animal Rescue

Grant Awarded to True Blue Animal Rescue

Be sure to read the latest news from our charitable foundation. This month’s featured award was presented to True Blue Animal Rescue, a Texas-based group whose mission is to save the lives of homeless animals and prevent overpopulation. In this post, you’ll see how this Lone Star rescue group is using our financial award to prevent abandonment and avoid unwanted pregnancies. See how automatic donations as well as one-time contributions from readers just like you have made a big difference for this small rescue … 

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Dr Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation for Healthy Pets

Questionable Pet Behavior

Questionable Pet Behavior by Dr. Jane

Questionable pet behavior in our fur-kids can be fascinating. And sometimes, a little confusing. In the latest from Dr. Jane, our holistic veterinarian takes a look at a few of questionable pet behaviors that make pet parents scratch their head. From your dog circling around the ground just prior to eliminating wastes, to the real reasons behind your cat’s meow, don’t miss this intriguing exposé on creature curiosities. To find out the skinny on common-but-puzzling pet behaviors, read the latest Dr. Jane post now …

Find out….

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

Why Does My Dog Turn in Circles Before He Poops?

Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Why Does My Cat Meow At Me?

Healthy Dog Exercise Video

Healthy Dog Exercise Video

This month’s episode of Pet Talk with Dr. Sarah is for anyone considering a new healthy dog exercise routine. Let’s face it, starting any sort of new healthy dog exercise routine can be brutal. Even with the added bonuses of losing weight, sleeping more soundly and feeling better, it’s hard to fully commit yourself. It can even prove too much of a challenge for some … unless you have the right partner. Fortunately, Dr. Sarah’s latest video reveals six important steps towards starting and maintaining a healthy dog exercise routine with your canine companion. Watch the latest episode of Pet Talk now …

If you’re serious about a healthy dog, don’t miss Dr. Sarah’s six vital steps for starting and maintaining an exercise routine with your dog.



Foundation Award to Dog Town Canine Rescue

Foundation Award to Dog Town Canine Rescue

foundationlogo Foundation Award to Dog Town Canine Rescue

Dr Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation for Healthy Pets

This month’s featured award was presented to Dog Town Canine Rescue, a Nevada-based group whose mission is to save the lives of homeless dogs and prevent overpopulation. In this post, you’ll see how this small but mighty group is using our financial award to help canines in their community. All of our Foundation stories are thanks to you, as your continued business helps to fund each of the grants our non-profit awards. Read the latest heartwarming news now …

Alternative Therapies for Joint Problems

Alternative Therapies for Joint Problems

Looking for Alternative Therapies for Joint Problems? Like humans, companion animals are living longer. That means more and more dogs and cats must deal with complications from chronic degenerative diseases, such as arthritis. Pain associated with joint problems can more than cramp your pet’s style, it can also stop them in their tracks. Thankfully, our good doctor is here to report on therapies that many remain unaware of – specifically, class 4 laser therapy. In the latest episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah reveals how these light treatments can make a significant improvement in your pet kid’s quality of life. Watch Pet Talk now … 

Doctor, What is that Smell?

What is that Smell?

DrJaneDog Doctor, What is that Smell?Are you asking: What is that smell? Companion animals and humans share all sorts of similar health problems. And then there are issues that are uniquely canine or feline. For example, have you ever wondered why your pet kid scooches his butt across the carpet, but were afraid to ask? Turns out, this could signal a potentially serious glandular problem. If you’re unfamiliar with this unfortunate yet all-too-common condition, you should definitely check out Dr. Jane’s latest message. Don’t wait another moment, read Dr. Jane’s post now …